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Don't try this at home!

posted Nov 10, 2015 04:07:06 by w8eeo
[Last edited Nov 10, 2015 20:00:35]
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Jenny Vance said Feb 17, 2016 13:01:22
OMGosh!! This is amazing! Absolutely don't try this at home. His outfit reminds me of transformer toys. My question is how is he powered. There has to be some force other than inertia to help him go so fast for so long.
Eric Marks said Feb 19, 2016 18:47:21
There are crazy people in this world. I'll take a few risks (went skydiving a few months ago) but this pushes the limit. With the DIY craze going on these days, lots of crazy mishaps are caught on film, and lots of people end up in the emergency room.
JanelleStephan said Feb 20, 2016 03:21:58
I would be absolutely scare out of my mind to ever try this. How is he even able to remain on the correct side of the road? I kept watching and hoping for him to make it to his stopping point. He is definitely well trained, very talented and extremely brave to do this!
LettingGo said Feb 23, 2016 03:29:26
How could you not try this if that landscape was your home? The gear he is wearing is epic and hopefully would protect him in certain situations. While making it look easy, I'm sure he is taking in all the sights and vibrations during his journey. Took me a while to realize he was on the CORRECT side of the road!
RayOliver said Mar 03, 2016 15:10:00
I definitely will not be trying this at home any time soon. Even if I could get my hands on the equipment, the roads here are nowhere near ideal to try such a stunt. It looks very cool though.
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