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Theremin's bug: How the Soviet Union spied on the US Embassy...

posted Dec 11, 2015 08:30:34 by Isaac
Theremin, yes the same Theremin who built the instrument that made the Star Trek theme song famous, had a hand in espionage as well. Albeit not a willing one. Turns out his life is actually quite tragic.

In addition to that story, Adam Fabio takes a trip through the details of "The Thing", a bug installed in the US Embassy by the Soviet Union during the cold war.

It used no batteries, instead depending on a carrier frequency transmitted by the "listener", causing the resonant cavity to transmit back the audio from the room at a higher frequency. Pretty nifty, and so was the hiding place: a hand-carved wooden seal of the United States.

Read the full story at

Our thanks to Stephen, G7VFY for spotting this item
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RyanScotts said Feb 17, 2016 06:13:57
Pretty interesting stuff. What's even more interesting is the man behind it. This is movie worthy material right here, with the most intense part being when they first find the bug.
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Eric Marks said Feb 22, 2016 18:19:08
Very interesting, indeed. I could see a movie being made about this. It was amazing technology for the time. Theremin was an incredibly smart man the Soviet Union found a use for. The always looking over his shoulder part is noteworthy. If you're involved in any government activity, for any country, you better have a swivel on the neck.
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