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Ham radio training video

posted Jan 07, 2016 07:50:23 by w8eeo
Most people post short videos on YouTube. Hackaday report on a six and a half hour video, it's a training course for the USA amateur radio Technician exam

Hackaday's Elliot Williams @hexagon5un writes:

Even if you’re not interested in taking the exam, but are just interested in some radio basics, it’s worth looking.

The [exam] questions and their answers are drawn from a publicly available pool of questions. This means that you can just cram the right answers, pass the exam, and you’ll have your grey cells back good as new in no time. To help you along your path, here are all the current Technician questions with only the correct answer for each -
Read through this, take a couple of practice exams, and you’ll be ready to go.

In our experience, the Technician exam is easy enough that it’s probably worth your while to study up for the General exam as well. You have to take the former before the latter, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking them all in one sitting. (General gets you a lot more international shortwave frequencies, so it’s at least worth a shot.)

Read the full article with link to the training course video at

The US Technician licence can be considered equivalent to the UK Foundation. Holders are permitted to build their own transmitters, operate Maritime Mobile and have their own repeaters. They can run 200 watts output in four HF bands and 1,500 watts output and all amateur VHF, UHF and Microwave bands.
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Isaac said Mar 06, 2016 23:17:55
This looks like a great training video. It is a long one though!
Sarah W said Mar 07, 2016 17:32:43
I have always been interested in learning more about Ham Radio. I think my interest comes from my childhood in Northern Vermont. Everyone had a CB radio where I lived. I remember in the evenings we would get on the CB and talk to people from all over Vermont and New York. We even talked to a few people from Canada. My grandparents had a large antenna and we would get people from down south and even out in the midwest. I always thought it was so cool. I would love to learn more about Ham radio to see how it compares or differs from the CB radios of my childhood. Does anyone have a recommendation on where I can look to get more information?
Jordan G said Mar 09, 2016 00:16:59
Sarah W, if you really want to learn more about ham radio, I suggest you check out the site hamchatforum That forum is a great place to get information and ask questions of people who can get you started. Good luck! If you have trouble with the link, let me know. Every forum seems to have their own way of posting links.
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