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Mike Standin said Feb 17, 2016 17:36:59
Thank you for that list Isaac. I don't think I have seen anything of that sort anywhere on the internet before, that's pretty impressive.

Russia needs to step up their game. They need more women out there.
RedSeol said Mar 07, 2016 06:12:32
Thank you for the list! As a woman myself, I'm proud to see that there are actually a lot of female astronauts. There are none from my country yet, though. Hopefully we will have one soon enough. One of my teachers once said that she wanted to be an astronaut once but she failed the test so she chose another career. I imagine it must be pretty tough field to enter, especially since it was dominated by men. It is a good lesson for us all that we can actually cross the gender limits if we try hard enough!
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