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Geomagnetic storm in progress

posted Feb 18, 2016 05:08:49 by Isaac
Earth is entering a stream of high-speed solar wind, and this is causing G1-class geomagnetic storms on Feb. 16th.

This is not the CME we have been waiting for since Valentine's Day. Instead, the solar wind is flowing from a coronal hole on the sun.

Visit for photos and more information.
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Jenny Vance said Feb 20, 2016 11:38:47
Beautiful display of lights from this storm. Interesting information. What the article did not say was how does this affect the earth's atmosphere or the planet itself. I assume it doesn't affect us at all or it would have said so?
w8eeo said Feb 20, 2016 18:56:40
Yes. It could and does from time to time alter life on earth. Check another forum for more information and warnings about how it could change our lives:
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w8eeo said Feb 22, 2016 00:11:58
In 1859 a very large disturbance caused by sunspots caused damage world wide
We live in the space age now. Experts predict another solar storm that big would reduce us to a pre-historic state and standard of living!
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Zeke.Carr said Feb 22, 2016 22:23:51
When you have some spare time check the following for added information about space weather
Mike Standin said Feb 23, 2016 08:05:08
Thanks for the link. I found it kind of interesting that there are images of stamps in that wide array of video's. And a sunspot/rainfall table from the 1800's? Good stuff Zeke.
Isaac said Apr 14, 2016 17:02:21
Earth enters solar wind stream

A G1-class geomagnetic storm is in progress on April 12th as Earth enters a stream of fast-moving solar wind.

NOAA forecasters estimate a 70% chance of additional storming on April 13th as Earth moves deeper into the stream. Also, a minor CME from big sunspot AR2529 could deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on April 13th, further boosting the odds of storminess.

Visit for more information
wild_sarah82 said Apr 16, 2016 23:01:34
I always hope that during these events I will have the possibility of seeing the northern lights. I have seen the northern lights twice in my life and it was an absolutely amazing experience.
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