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Rufus Turner W3LF

posted Feb 18, 2016 05:21:51 by Isaac
Rufus Turner W3LF

Hackaday report on the first African-American radio amateur Rufus Turner W3LF

Turner was born on Christmas Day, 1907 in Houston, Texas. At the age of 15, he became fascinated by crystal diodes and published his first article about radio when he was 17.
In 1925, still a teenager, he built what was then the world's smallest radio set.

In the 1940’s, working with the Sylvania company, he helped to develop the 1N34A germanium diode (you can still buy these if you look around for them).

In 1949, predating commercial availability, Turner published an article “Build a Transistor” in Radio Electronics magazine–the first time most electronic hobbyists had any exposure to this kind of device.

In January 1950, he published "A Crystal Receiver with Transistor Amplifier" in Radio and Television News, along with plans for a three-transistor radio circuit.

Read the full Hackaday article at

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Mike Standin said Feb 22, 2016 19:36:41
Thanks for the history. I have always been fascinated by radios, frequencies, etc.... and it iss always good to hear more of the history behind it all.
RyanScotts said Feb 23, 2016 08:53:18
I can't help but wonder, does the current owner of that call sign know about the history of the original owner? Does anyone tell you about the previous owner when you get a recycled all sign?
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