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Why do we need universal encryption for everyone?

posted Feb 19, 2016 22:45:46 by Isaac
Apple said they don't want to make requested changes. Why should even those lower on the food chain (users everywhere) fear Big brother checking us out? The following is some thoughts on the subject we should consider.
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Jenny Vance said Feb 20, 2016 11:48:51
Wow! I hadn't heard about all this. I do side with apple on the privacy of everyone who owns an iPhone. They took a giant step here when they did not comply with the FBI. If they can indeed create a program to unencrypt just the one phone then I feel they have no choice but to comply with the court order. The article also says the program will never leave the Apple Facility. "One giant step....."
Eric Marks said Feb 22, 2016 18:38:24
The problem here is that if Apple does it once, what's to keep the FBI from asking again in another case. Even if it can be done without compromising every phone to the FBI, things like this always get out of hand. This is thin ice here; the need for answers versus the need for privacy. This battle will be fought till the end of time.
RyanScotts said Feb 22, 2016 18:52:54
Eric, all Apple has to do is tell everyone involved that if a mass murder occurs by people whom we ALL have a reasonable suspicion are involved with others who want to do the all means, we will give any and all access you want for that phone in the name of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. But in the name of personal privacy, this is the ONLY type of instance where we will do this and we will NEVER waver from that stance. Ever.

There, problem solved.
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