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Optical Illusions

posted Feb 22, 2016 19:49:12 by Mike Standin
This is a cool one.
It is VERY important that you do not move your focus away from the letter in the middle. Reading them out loud will help with this. Try hard not to make any mistakes.

When prompted, move your line of sight anywhere else on the screen and record your results here. What did you see?
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LettingGo said Feb 23, 2016 03:34:28
I love these things. This one was pretty intense and I could already notice effects after about 15 seconds. While viewing objects, I would see the object morphing in and out as if I was on LSD. While viewing a background or plain, blank space I saw thousands of scribble lines similar to a magnetic field.
JanelleStephan said Feb 23, 2016 05:45:38
This was definitely difficult to watch. I was only able to keep track of maybe the first ten letters or so. After that they were to blurry to read. I also saw other shapes around the center that seemed to go in and out of the video. When I looked away, I saw the same lines circling quickly on my door, my curtains and my fireplace.!
RyanScotts said Feb 23, 2016 08:15:53
Everything was wavy. I wasn't expecting that. Colors, lines, blank name it and it looked like it was riding a wave. It was pretty hard to keep my initial focus that long though.
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Jenny Vance said Feb 23, 2016 11:33:48
I focused and read all the letters. Waves around the letters kept moving in and out. After I was directed to look away I saw the eyeball. I still see the eyeball. It's fading now. I was expecting to have some word appear when I looked away.
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