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How Serious Are You?

posted Feb 23, 2016 09:00:42 by RyanScotts
About your music? Would you buy a pair of over the ears headphones made of lambskin leather for $400.00? Very high quality and very expensive. Is your music worth it?

Personally, if I had the extra cash I would buy something of that quality. It wouldn't have to be that particular make and model, but yes, I would spoil myself in this regard.
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LettingGo said Feb 23, 2016 14:47:50
Music is the least serious thing to me yet I might find myself purchasing a nice set of headphones similar to those. Gotta love that vintage look! That website has some pretty sweet looking gear. I love music more than anything but I'm not in a position most of the time to have noise cancellation. Sometimes I just need to hear whats going on!
SableMcGraw said Feb 23, 2016 16:51:41
I am definitely serious about the types of music I listen to. There is some music that I simply cannot tolerate. However, I would NEVER spend that much money on headphones. I would feel too guilty because that money could feed my family for most of a month, refill our propane tank to keep us warm and buy a lot of good clothing for my daughter. I really don't feel it is necessary to spend that much money to still be serious about your music.
RayOliver said Feb 27, 2016 20:50:18
I am very serious about music and if I had a large amount of cash, I would want to have the best quality in everything I bought. So I wouldn't go for anything extravagant or really flashy but I would want to buy the best quality headphones, even if it means spending that much money.
RedSeol said Mar 07, 2016 06:26:22
I have been involved in singing and playing musical instruments since I was young; I simply can't imagine life without music. That being said, I probably would not spend so much just on headphones or other similar tools to improve musical experience. I would rather use the extra cash to buy more original music (I admit that sometimes I download music illegally from internet) or musical instruments. I find it enough to listen to music with my simple Apple earphones or regular speaker.

I can understand that everyone has different passion. My father is so into playing flight simulators that he would spend so much buying the tools which look like real airplane tools, while I am satisfied having a working USB controller to play on my laptop.
Sarah W said Mar 07, 2016 17:36:00
If I had the money, I would love to get me a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre. His headphones get quite pricey, but from what I understand the sound quality is amazing. I would also be interested in getting the Beats Pill. Unfortunately, my budget isn't allowing for that right now.
Mike Standin said Mar 08, 2016 12:03:09
The businessman in me asks: "How would I get a return on my investment? Personal satisfaction doesn't get my money back". But then I listen to some Nora Jones and all of a sudden I don't care about finances anymore, all I want is some Master Dynamics style of quality.

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