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posted Feb 24, 2016 00:28:23 by LettingGo
There always seems to be a lot of controversy behind in-taking hallucinogenic drugs but is it really that big of a deal? In a way, it would seem like our society genuinely cares about others because we have so many laws prohibiting them because many believe they are bad. Or maybe it is purely for a controlling reason? For me personally, I did a lot of research before ever trying out anything and it has helped me in many ways, but I believe they are tools, not drugs. You can use them to get something done or work something out and then you can throw it away. Like you don't carry the brick that you used to knock on the door into the house.
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Jenny Vance said Feb 25, 2016 11:02:45
All well and good my friend. You can justify drugs any way you wish. However, when it begins to affect your daily life you might wish you had never started. There is also the possibility that it will affect your unborn children as well as your own sanity later in life. Please consider these things before you get too deep.
LettingGo said Feb 27, 2016 00:58:37
I'm not in any way trying to advocate or give reasons to try these things. The fact is, many people are already involved or want to be involved in them and I'm giving a VERY helpful tip. Read up on the drug-forums and read other people's experiences on them before you try anything. A lot of friends I know just tried something because someone had it and told them it was no big deal. Analyze the drug from your own point of view. Most of the psychedelic groups have never been found to negatively effect anyone, especially those who want to learn. The sane seem insane in an insane society.
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