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Favorite Natural Supplements

posted Feb 27, 2016 20:53:48 by Sarah W
I am a huge fan of natural remedies and supplements. I prefer to use natural whenever possible. Pharmaceuticals definitely have their place, but if there is a natural alternative, I will always try that first.

I have many natural alternatives. One of my favorite supplements currently is Kava, which I use to help with severe anxiety. I have been able to get off a medication that I did not like being on by using kava. Anyone suffering from anxiety or insomnia, Kava is a fantastic supplement to take.

What natural remedies do you like and use?
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Jenny Vance said Feb 28, 2016 11:53:01
All natural local honey. I have a teaspoon of this every morning and my allergies are under control. This works very well when the pollen count is low. However, when it's very high I have to resort to an OTC medication.
RayOliver said Mar 02, 2016 16:51:18
I am definitely also a supporter of natural remedies rather than manufactured medication. Although I personally don't take too many natural remedies, I do take some aloe vera products as well as chlorophyll supplements which have amazing effects on the body.
LettingGo said Mar 02, 2016 20:12:49
I used to be a big pot smoker back in the day and I realized that isn't what the plant is for. I have been juicing cannabis for over a year now and have seen amazing results. It is the only natural supplement I take and its all I need since it is filled with the same stuff that is in breast milk.
RedSeol said Mar 09, 2016 02:04:03
I am always very cautious of natural supplements or any medications with the word "herbal" on it. I did a field work once where we checked on home industries creating herbal products. They used steroids and other components which guaranteed immediate results but may cause harm for long-term consumption. It does not mean that all herbal/natural products are dangerous, though. It is true that manufactured medications have side effects too. I like to think that if I take manufactured medications properly following prescriptions, I won't have to depend on it too long and won't have to use any alternative medicines with their unknown side effects.

I did take natural vitamin supplements when I feel too tired or borderline sick. No longer than 3 days, though.
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Sarah W said Mar 10, 2016 16:47:26
When I asked about natural supplements, I was NOT talking about the latest "lose weight quick" scheme, or the most recent herbal aphrodisiac craze. I was also not referring to the "herbal supplements" that you buy at the gas station checkout. I am talking about using pure, unadulterated plants in their natural forms. For example, studies show that cinnamon can be helpful with blood sugar regulation, and scientists believe that St. John's Wort has a positive effect on depression and mood.

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