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Sputnik's transmitter beeps again

posted Feb 27, 2016 20:46:42 by w8eeo
Jenny List G7CKF writes on Hackaday about the work of Frank Waarsenburg PA3CNO who has recreated one of the Sputnik radio transmitters using a set of the original Russian tubes

The schematic used for the original transmitter was located by Oleg RV3GM.

Read the article at
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Jenny Vance said Mar 06, 2016 11:58:09
I remember Sputnik. I guess that dates me but still, it was the beginning of the Space Race to see who would be the first to put a man into space. There were so many people tuning in to what was happening back then. I think the Ham operators got the best news because TV was just in its first stages. There are some great space/ham discussions on this website. I enjoyed reading several of them.
Mike Standin said Mar 06, 2016 12:03:59
Way to go Frank! That was a very neat thing for him to do. And the best part is, anyone with the parts and the schematic, which are now easy to find, can replicate it as well.
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