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Cold Showers/Morning Routine

posted Mar 03, 2016 18:32:31 by LettingGo
I've done a lot of reading on what is called thermogenesis. It is basically the idea that our bodies work best and get stronger under stressful temperatures or situations. It's 100% true, just like when you work out you get stronger. But you can't over-do it or it's bad for your body. I've heard cold showers change people's lives for the better. I can see it as domestication was really when warm water started becoming universally available.
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Isaac said Mar 04, 2016 08:01:28
Once upon a time I liked to take cold showers. Everything you said is true. However, some time back I began taking a blood thinner med which takes the fun out of cold showers. If I get in an area of 70 degrees or less I find a sweater.
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RyanScotts said Mar 04, 2016 15:08:15
I think it used to be that way before all of the modern conveniences. Before hot water was available, all we had was a lake, stream, ocean or a good hard rain to wash off with. You worked out by dragging your dinner home after you killed it. Our bodies worked pretty well back then.
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Dandelion said Mar 04, 2016 16:04:36
I don't mind cold showers in the summer, but there is no way I could do it in the winter! Twenty minutes under steaming hot water is what I need when the air is chilly.
RayOliver said Mar 04, 2016 18:11:43
I take cold showers on very rare occasions but I never knew that it helps the body to get stronger. Now that I know, I still won't be taking cold showers daily but I will try it at least once a week or something.
Jaclyn Tome said Jun 18, 2016 02:04:58
I started taking cold showers as my grandfather is a firm believer in their benefits. The main benefit is it improves blood circulation; this has many wonderful effects on the body.
dreaming said Jun 21, 2016 12:41:52
I have never tried cold showers. This is the first time for me to hear about the benefits of taking cold showers. Perhaps I will try it in this summer. I don't think I will be able to persist when winter comes, though.
MikeyMandel said Jun 21, 2016 14:18:38
Yuck, no way! I absolutely despise being cold and the mere thought of taking a cold shower actually makes me shiver inside. I don't care what it is supposed to help me do!
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