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How do I improve my cooking skill?

posted Mar 03, 2016 14:55:02 by RedSeol
I have been living alone in a boarding house for few months now. I have to learn to take care of my daily needs, including cooking. It is the one house chore I have never touched because Mom was always around. So many attempts at making even simplest dishes, but I can't seem to do it right. I find it hard to balance the taste as the time is limited before the food burns.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve my cooking skills!
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LettingGo said Mar 03, 2016 18:34:56
I know how you feel! I can't even make macaroni and cheese right half the time. When I learn anything I go back to the basics, which might means simplifying the equipment and dishes you are making. The only way to get better at cooking is to keep cooking as much as you can, so don't give up!
RayOliver said Mar 03, 2016 23:36:09
I'm also in a similar situation, living alone in a college apartment. I normally just check the recipes for different meals on YouTube or Google, even though I don't always have all the ingredients listed. I think it also takes some commitment and concentration to cook good food.
RedSeol said Mar 04, 2016 15:56:03
I started with basics and that helped to boost my confidence to try further. Although with simple dishes, the taste is usually not complicated so I don't have much to worry. The food around here depends a lot on seasonings which is really hard to balance. My mother recommends packaged instant seasonings sold at supermarkets, but I prefer to do things manually. I really want to learn from the basics.

I am currently staying at a remote area so there are not many advanced cooking tool available. Most are simple tools which I have never used before. That is why searching for tips on Google or tutorial videos on YouTube does not help much. They give me ideas on how to get around the lack of tools and ingredients here, though.
Jenny Vance said May 08, 2016 11:02:18
Just don't quit. Keep cooking and trying different things. Practice always makes the best teacher in this case. I remember a lemon meringue pie I made once and used regular milk instead of sweetened condensed milk. (I didn't know what sweetened condensed milk was). I learned quickly after tasting that pie. The garbage disposal got that one. :)
MikeyMandel said May 09, 2016 20:17:13
Some of the things I have learned to cook I have learned by watching cooking shows on Television or YouTube. You can learn all sorts of things from doing that. I like to watch the cooking shows of the "down to earth" cooks like Rachel Ray or the Pioneer Woman.
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