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Radio And Rascism

posted Mar 08, 2016 11:40:38 by RyanScotts
I am just curious as to how someone can take racial comments seriously on the radio when you cannot see the person making them. Like the internet with the camera turned off. These 2 forms of communication should equalize us more than divide us, yet I don't hear anyone talking about this anywhere or supporting this "theory". What do you think?
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RayOliver said Mar 08, 2016 15:25:52
You are right, the internet should be used to bring us together rather than divide us. As for the racial comments, I think if it stirs up the same feeling or emotion, then it doesn't matter what form of communication is used. But then again, I think it is much more difficult to stir up those emotions over the radio than in person.
Dandelion said Mar 08, 2016 17:59:24
I don't need to physically see the person making dividing remarks to feel one way or another about it. To me, it doesn't matter if it's in print, a voice over the radio, or someone sitting in front of a camera. Racism and division hits me the same no matter what vessel it uses.
Jordan G said Mar 09, 2016 00:28:40
Every person, no matter what their skin color or religion, has the ability to be a racist. Just because you can't "see" the person, doesn't mean their comments can't be insensitive or bullying and degrading. The message is the message no matter who makes it. If you dislike someone because they are different from you, you might be a racist.
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