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Sick and nice weather

posted Mar 08, 2016 18:04:05 by Dandelion
Today is our first 70 degree day of the year and my husband woke up with a chest cold. I feel bad for him because I know he wants to get outside and start working on spring cleanup chores, but I think he needs to take it easy so he'll (hopefully) get better faster. It's so hard to feel this way when spring finally makes an appearance.
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LettingGo said Mar 08, 2016 19:48:56
Funny you posted this. I am also enjoying the nice, beautiful day but my kids both have fevers and colds. I took them for a quick stroll around the block but that was far from sating their needs. This kind of weather is great but it allows the faster travel of bacteria through the air. Kind of a bummer.
Jordan G said Mar 09, 2016 00:23:14
It must be going around because I have been sick as a dog since Saturday! Even today I am not quite feeling better. Dandelion, I wonder if your husband and I are friends and I don't know it. Seriously, though, this has been the worst flu I have had in over a year. It wasn't fun at all.
RedSeol said Mar 09, 2016 01:17:38
I wish those who get sick will get better soon! I do not have a flu, but I have coughs and sore throat. I am guessing it happens because I drink too much cold drinks due to hot weather outside. I suppose it can't be helped if the weather makes it hard to stay healthy. Don't forget to keep your food balanced and drink supplements if necessary.

I wonder why spring causes flu so easily, though. I am living at a country where we only have two seasons. I thought winter would cause flu easier due to its cold nature.
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