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Voting For Hillary Clinton

posted Mar 08, 2016 12:23:56 by Mike Standin
No, I'm not voting for Hillary, but I wonder about the people who will. If you plan on voting for Clinton, do you think the e-mail scandal is not that big of a deal? Do you think she could do a better job than Trump?.....who will most likely be the Republican nominee.
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Dandelion said Mar 08, 2016 17:55:38
I'd also be curious to hear these answers from Hillary supporters. Like you, Mike, I won't be voting for her. That said, I'm not sure who I will be voting for and I'm not entirely convinced that Trump is going to have the magic number when the primaries are over.
LettingGo said Mar 08, 2016 19:52:25
Trump is a businessman and knows how to appoint people to particular roles that they can accomplish. He will be much better than Clinton but I personally voted for Bernie today in the Michigan primaries. If Clinton gets the nominee you can be certain that I am writing Bernie in and I hope that she will not get off with her crimes.
Odie Brown said Apr 06, 2016 12:12:52
No!! I am not voting for Hillary. This country can't afford another 4-8 years of the Clintons. If Trump gets the nomination, I'll vote for him. At least he is a business man. A little outspoken but maybe that's what we need.
Tillman said Apr 09, 2016 19:30:52
There was no email scandal. That garbage was hatched out by RNC when they were trying to find ways to Keep Hillary off the ticket this fall. Dumb and weak (in my opinion)
I left the Republican Party when they allowed Nixon to finally resign instead of facing the Federal courts for the crimes he hatched and then lied about under oath.
Anyone can do a better job than Trump. In my opinion, he is like a "blind dog in a meat house"
and would finally put the republicans out of their misery if he ever got elected.
I will vote for the best Democrat left standing this fall. I urge everyone to vote! DON'T GIVE UP!!!
Tillman said Aug 01, 2016 19:21:34
Things have changed in the race this year. I have not changed my mind about Trump. I regret to say so, but, Trump is taking the entire Republican party with him as he fails. I am a democrat but it concerns me that the GOP is digging a big hole even deeper. Again, I urge everyone to vote! DON'T GIVE UP!!!
vagabond said Aug 05, 2016 04:33:29
I can't understand what Trump is up to!
I watch fox news a bit as well as CNN and MSNBC.
It seems to me everyone is scratching their head and wonder what he is up to.
Trump knows how to make his bank account grow!
Could it be he doesn't want the job? Is this another scam to bleed others and add the proceeds to grow his personal wealth?
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