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Do you listen to classical music?

posted Mar 10, 2016 16:33:37 by RedSeol
A few days ago I visited a friend and he had classical music playing in the background as we chatted and had lunch. When I asked him why he chose the classics, He said he was captivated because it created rooms for imagination within limits made by the composer. That reminds me of a lecture with a music teacher years ago. She was talking about background story of a certain classic music piece: the intention behind the different notes and chords in each part, feelings the composer wanted to express. It is interesting to connect with audience at such level with something as abstract as music notes.

How do you feel when you listen to classical music?
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Jenny Vance said Mar 11, 2016 11:43:57
I do indeed like classical music but not as deep into its creation as you and your friend seem to be. I like it just for the sound of it and the feelings it creates in it's crescendos and decrescendos. Reading a book with classical music is my favorite thing.
RyanScotts said Mar 11, 2016 17:09:31
it created rooms for imagination within limits (worlds) made by the composer

I like everything about that answer except the part about limits. I don't like limits when it comes to music, which is why I put my take on it in parentheses. I can see the attraction though when the composer is good enough.

Classical music is cool, I only listen to it once in a blue moon but I like it when I do.
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Dandelion said Mar 11, 2016 17:28:01
I do listen to classical music because I find it very relaxing. Other types of music can change my mood in a heartbeat, but classical music doesn't make me feel anything other than relaxed. I have several CDs that are great to pop into the CD player after a stressful day.
Jordan G said Mar 11, 2016 19:55:14
I like more modern classical, I guess it is called. One of my favorite songs on my playlist right now is River Runs Through It by Yiruma. Such a beautiful piece, and really is the perfect background music to whatever I am doing.
RedSeol said Mar 12, 2016 08:51:34
RyanScotts, I can understand if you disagree with my friend's answer. To a certain level I agree with him because each music is originally a subjective expression. The composer limits us within his original intention when he creates the music. At the other side, though, it is actually up to listeners to interpret the piece which makes it more universal and appealing.

Jordan G, thank you for the recommendation! I listen to some of Yiruma's songs as well and I see why you called it "modern classical". I like Yiruma's style too; it flows like other pop music but has the charm of classical music. I would recommend him to everyone who is enjoying classical music but is looking for more "youth" taste. One of my favorite songs is When the Love Falls ( The sadness delivers.
RayOliver said Mar 12, 2016 10:01:36
I love classical music; I especially enjoy listening to it when I am studying or on days that I feel stressed out or uneasy. I feel like it frees your mind and enables you to relax in a way that other music forms don't.
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