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What's For Dinner?

posted Mar 11, 2016 19:49:50 by Jordan G
I hate having to cook for myself because I feel like I make the same 3 meals all the time. I try to not buy take out that often just because it is so easy to do. So, what is everyone eating for dinner? What are your favorite "go to" dinner meals?
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RedSeol said Mar 12, 2016 10:06:53
I wish I can cook more often, but unfortunately I am not a good cook. When I am staying at boarding house, I eat out or use delivery food service for my meals. Here we have many restaurants with delivery service. My favorite is a local restaurant with various fried fish and friend chicken modifications. They taste amazing. Now that I am sharing the house with friends who can cook better than me, I can have more homemade food in my menu plan. Tonight my friends and I are making spaghetti carbonara with limited ingredients. Since we do not have bacon and cheese, we replace the meat with canned beef.
Mike Standin said Mar 12, 2016 17:08:27
It looks like cooked salmon and boiled broccoli for me tonight. I have to watch my carb intake so I have to tailor my meals around that.
RyanScotts said Mar 12, 2016 19:49:22
Everything in the refrigerator that isn't more than half moldy. I'm hungry.

Actually, it looks like Sloppy Joe night tonight with tater tots and milk. It may be basic, but it's filling.
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RayOliver said Mar 14, 2016 14:43:04
Although I cook sometimes, I don't do it often as I am not a good cook and there is a good restaurant very close to the apartments where I live that also has delivery, so I just prefer to order most of the time. Tonight I think I'm just going to cook some rice and order some chicken wings or something.
AnthonyMason said Mar 14, 2016 16:34:37
I am not a very good cook, but I do enjoy cooking simple meals at home like pasta and soups. I'd rather eat that than eat outside.
Sarah W said Mar 14, 2016 17:57:27
Tonight we are having pulled beef made in the crockpot. It is such a great fix it and forget it kind of meal and one of our favorites. I can make it with either beef, pork or chicken. It all tastes good!
Dandelion said Mar 14, 2016 20:57:30
I cook a lot, but only when my husband isn't traveling for work. Right now he's away, so I will probably throw together some eggs or tuna for dinner for our daughter. He'll be home for Easter and I'll make a big feast then.
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