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Do you enjoy writing?

posted Mar 13, 2016 07:36:30 by RedSeol
Around high school days, many of my friends loved to write about short stories and poems. I was not any good with fiction stories or anything like that, so I tried to write several poems. We even had a book where we wrote all our poems and stories, creating compilation of all our works. We also submitted a story when the school published an anthology based on students' works. We were so creative back then and it was one sweet escape when things were hard for us. It is unfortunate that at least personally I do not have that much time and creativity to write anymore.
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LettingGo said Mar 13, 2016 08:34:33
I think for most people, the writing part of writing is the worst! Unless you really do love being thrown around by symbols and images all day. The task of the poet is to write what CANNOT be written. People who love to write really just enjoy the changes that happen around them because their perspective starts to change the more they convey thoughts through symbols. But even thoughts themselves are symbols, so the real fun of it is to attempt to write something through language that surpasses ideologies themselves and can convey the world of reality.
RayOliver said Mar 13, 2016 10:44:02
It is not my favorite thing to do but I do enjoy it to some extent; I normally spend some hours per day writing articles online as a freelance writer. At first, it started out as just a way to earn money online but as I got good at it, I started to enjoy it more.
Dandelion said Mar 13, 2016 17:44:05
I love to write, but I don't spend as much time doing it as I would like. I write a lot of documents for work and usually by the time I get done with that, I'm too tired to write for personal pleasure.
RedSeol said Apr 01, 2016 11:12:33
Dandelion, that is probably the reason why I lost passion in writing. I even had a personal diary and later personal blog, but eventually I did not write much anymore and neglected the projects. School assignments required so much writing that by the time I finished, I avoided writing more because I got sick of it. It is kind of sad for me because free writing used to be one of my stress relievers. Like what LettingGo said, the charm of writing is in trying to convey the common messages in unique style so it stimulates creativity.
wild_sarah82 said Apr 03, 2016 15:01:18
Writing comes easily to me, and I love doing it. I think my biggest issue is the time factor. There are just not enough hours in the day to find the time to sit down and just write. I have just too many obligations! I definitely need to fix that because writing is one of the things that helps me to relieve stress and focus myself.
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