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Internet speed

posted Mar 13, 2016 00:25:14 by RayOliver
How fast is your internet speed? It is quite frustrating that the internet speed is quite slow in my region, I would say somewhere around 1 Mbps give or take.
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Dandelion said Mar 13, 2016 17:56:20
I don't know what the actual speed of mine is, but I did upgrade it from what came with the basic cable package. When it works, it's fast enough for me, but I get kicked off pretty often and that drives me crazy.
w8eeo said Mar 13, 2016 23:50:42
F-16 Fighting Falcons Test Results

Loaded 1,396,595 bytes in 0.443 seconds from (OH) server.
Your Results: 25221 Kb
Comcast: 7921 Kb (compare)
AMD FX9tm) - 4300 quad core processor X 4
I use linux and firefox on this machine. Server is suddenlink
The set-up is geared for gaming online but I am not into that.

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