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New/Old communication while driving

posted Mar 13, 2016 08:40:22 by LettingGo
Some states, including New Hampshire and Vermont, have restricted the use of phones while driving. The use of amateur radio equipment in vehicles is not restricted because you do not dial phone numbers or hold the unit up to your ear. This allows conversation to take place while driving, as long as it is done responsibly and safely. I guess it is time to sign up for some classes in obtaining an FCC liscence! Loving this Ham forum and learned a lot already -
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Sarah W said Mar 14, 2016 18:00:40
I would love to see a resurgence of the use of CB radios. I remember having a CB radio was so important, especially for a girl if you had to drive any set distances. I had to travel several hours to college, and I always felt so much better knowing I had a CB in the car.
Mike Standin said Mar 14, 2016 21:14:12
The people who have Bluetooth in their vehicles have hands free communication as well. CB and shortwave radios bring out the nostalgic in certain people like me. I want them for the same reason I have a record player......the are useful.
AllMine said Jul 21, 2016 09:44:46
It's good that their use is restricted. Too many accidents happened because of careless driving. If it's possible, I'd rather stop for a while if I need to make or take important calls before I hit someone. Once I get my own car, I definitely will get those handy Bluetooth devices.
PitchDark said Jul 22, 2016 20:41:22
I think it's a good idea that New Hampshire and Vermont have some common sense legislation to curb the use of cell phones while driving. How about texting? This is even more dangerous because both hands are used. Can't these people wait to talk about what their girlfriend or boyfriend is having for dinner, as an example? The car was invented for one thing, to get you from point A to point B, safely! Please keep your eyes on the road, and live.
Adelaide said Jul 24, 2016 12:28:26
New York and Connecticut are two more states that have prohibited the use of cell phones while driving. It was one of the best things they could have ever done because so many people are too careless and distracted while they are talking. I definitely love the idea of a CB since my husband has one in his truck. It's fun to listen to when we are driving really long distances.
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