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Are You A Cat Person?

posted Mar 14, 2016 16:31:03 by AnthonyMason
Are you a cat or a dog person? I personally love both; however, I find it much easier to have a cat rather than a dog because cats tend to be more independent.
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Mike Standin said Mar 14, 2016 21:09:44
They are, and they are low maintenance. Having a dog is like having a child in that they need a lot of attention. A cat is like a roommate that you don't see until he gets hungry. I can live with that.
Jenny Vance said Mar 15, 2016 11:32:54
We have 2 rescue kitties. They are part of the family now and we call them our fur babies. We always intended to have a dog but after dog sitting one week, we decided against it just because of what you said Anthony. They are like having another child. Always very needy. Cats are independent but loving when they want to be. They're also good lap warmers in the winter. :)
RayOliver said Mar 15, 2016 20:16:47
I also like both but if I had to choose today, I would get a cat because I live in an apartment that does not have much space and I like big dogs. However, I would get a dog if I lived in a bigger house.
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AnthonyMason said Mar 15, 2016 23:37:05
@RayOliver: I would also definitely get a dog if I had a bigger house with a garden. When you live in an a apartment, it's definitely not a good idea to have a dog.
Jaclyn Tome said Jun 18, 2016 02:20:30
I am more of a cat person although I do love all animals. The male cat I have at home was rescued; he is quite high maintenance in terms of needing affection, though. I don't mind this at all but he certainly is unique.
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