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Are Your Taxes Done?

posted Mar 14, 2016 21:17:22 by Mike Standin
I tend to put this off. So much so, that I have an appointment Wednesday with a tax preparer so I can file for 2012, 13 and 14. And then of course 2015. Wish me luck.
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Jordan G said Mar 15, 2016 06:09:21
Thankfully, my taxes were fairly straightforward this year, so I had them done by the second week in February. I typically get them done early each year. I hate deadlines.
Dandelion said Mar 15, 2016 21:31:22
No, my taxes are not done. I have to make an appointment to get 2014 and 2015 done. Last year was the first time I missed a year, but we moved in the spring and I honestly forgot about it with everything else I had going on.
RedSeol said Apr 15, 2016 13:10:53
I have only started paying taxes recently after I got a job. The system is quite confusing for newbies. Thankfully we have online payment system where we only need to register once at the office then pay the taxes via website. It saves time and energy because usually tax offices are very crowded everyday. I have completed my taxes for last year. I'm happy everything went fine because it was my first time.
LettingGo said Apr 16, 2016 12:02:55
My father in-law does my taxes because he has turbo tax and can get them done a lot quicker. I haven't received everything I need for this year yet, which is a little concerning. I never used to file for taxes but when I started a family, I needed the money for sure.
Jenny Vance said Apr 16, 2016 13:39:51
We had our taxes done and efiled on March 6th. However, by April 14 our refund had not appeared. After checking with our CPA, come to find out ours was one in a batch that had been the victim of a computer glitch and had not gone through. They refiled yesterday and it went through. Just goes to prove you need to stay on top of things. I'm so glad I checked.
wild_sarah82 said Apr 16, 2016 22:59:28
I had my taxes done early as well, Jordon. I have always gotten a refund, and it is always nice to get that little bump of cash after the expenses of the holiday season to help pay off any bills that accumulated.
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