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posted Mar 14, 2016 16:32:58 by AnthonyMason
Does anyone else here enjoy cooking? If yes, what kind of food do you enjoy making? Also, how often do you cook? I really like cooking, but I am not so good at it though.
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Sarah W said Mar 14, 2016 17:55:41
I love to cook, but I do not like to bake. I dislike baking because it always seems too precise, which cooking tends to be a bit more relaxed. I love being creative with food, and making new dishes based on foods that I like.
Dandelion said Mar 14, 2016 20:55:38
I love to cook! There is always a group of people at my house looking for big Sunday dinners and interesting weeknight creations. As for baking, I do A LOT of it around the holidays and that usually burns me out for baking during the rest of the year.
Jenny Vance said Apr 06, 2016 11:49:16
I used to like to cook when I was younger. However, these days I would just as soon grab a sandwich rather than stand in the kitchen for hours. Every now and then I'll try something new and enjoy every minute. I guess it's because I always had a house full of people when the kids were young and I'm just burned out.
Odie Brown said Apr 08, 2016 11:54:54
I do love to cook. Yesterday I made country fried steak and gravy for the crockpot and popped it in the fridge. Today about noon I'll hook up the crock and let it simmer until dinner time. Serve with home cooked green beans and tossed salad. Yum.
RayOliver said Apr 09, 2016 12:14:11
I enjoy cooking but not all the time; although I am also not too good at it. I make all kinds of meals but mostly just the ones that don't take too much time.
LettingGo said Apr 10, 2016 04:51:10
These are the kind of skills that need to be brought back into our education more predominately. I know because I wouldn't be able to survive one week cooking for myself. I once screwed up mac and cheese! I love to watch and learn about all the different ways of making good food but I need to start trying it myself, but like many of us I am scared to fail!
JamesG2252 said May 16, 2016 15:41:41
I love to cook but I definitely enjoy grilling much more than cooking! We grill year round and it is actually the only way I prefer eating my meat these days. Forget broiling or frying!
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