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Quality of Life

posted Mar 14, 2016 17:53:20 by Sarah W
So, do you think you have a good quality of life today? How do you wish things were different in your life? What do you think you could add or take away that would make your life better?
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Dandelion said Mar 14, 2016 20:52:35
Good question! I have an amazing family and terrific friends and, to me, that's my number one priority. I feel very blessed to have these people in my life and they make me feel fulfilled everyday. The only thing I would change is my husband's job because it requires extensive travel and we sometimes have to be apart for long periods of time.
Mike Standin said Mar 14, 2016 21:30:54
Taking away work hours and giving me more money would definitely make my life better. I can't complain about the quality of life I have now, but there's always room for improvement.
Jordan G said Mar 15, 2016 06:11:59
I have been having some issues with my job, so if I could get those issues resolved to my satisfaction, it would totally help ease a lot of the stress I have been under, which would go a long way to making life all that much better.
Brett Hudecek said Mar 15, 2016 07:20:27
I have a loving family and friends that I know I care about. I have a good home and plenty of activities I enjoy doing. There really isn't anything that needs to be added to my experience, and if there is, I'm sure it will come to me. I have found out that the more I seek to impact my life positively the more apparent it becomes that I am not happy with the way I am already.
RayOliver said Mar 15, 2016 10:26:31
I would say my quality of life is quite alright although I am not satisfied. I have a large, loving family and some good friends but I could use a better job and I would like to travel more often.
Jenny Vance said Mar 15, 2016 11:28:31
I love my life!! I'm retired and have moved to a coastal area where there are many activities for seniors. Hubby and I are doing a little traveling, fishing and exploring. I love getting up every morning when I want to and not knowing what day it is. 30 years in the work force is quite enough!!!
RedSeol said Apr 07, 2016 12:41:50
I don't really have huge dissatisfaction with my current life, though if I could rewind things I would choose a different career. I can't really explore other things in life because work takes so much time and energy. I wanted to pursue my hobbies in music and language besides the main career, but it's just not possible now. Other than that, there are still joyful days while doing my work. I have close friends and my family is all well. I think things are pretty good at this moment.
Jaclyn Tome said Jun 19, 2016 03:28:14
The quality of life for me is definitely good and I feel blessed. I generally feel secure, am financially stable and in good health; I also have a supportive network of people around me. Having visited poorer countries, I have learned to be content with my lot.
Percival said Jul 07, 2016 20:15:05
My quality of life is pretty good. I have the usual aches and pains of arthritis with lower back pain and fatigue, but on the whole, it's great to be alive! I'm free of life threatening illnesses and live in a safe neighborhood. Who has it better than I do?!
dreaming said Jul 08, 2016 02:49:34
I am satisfied with my life. Of course it can still be better and I don't think desiring more is inappropriate. But I don't have any events of my life that I want to remove since I believe these events made the person I am today.
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