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Does Anyone Like Horror Movies?

posted Mar 15, 2016 23:40:25 by AnthonyMason
What is your favorite type of movies? Any horror enthusiasts here? Mine is horror as you can guess :) What are your favorite horror movies? Mine are Paranormal Activity 1 and 2.
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Dandelion said Mar 16, 2016 16:22:10
Nooooo!!! I am the biggest chicken when it comes to horror movies! I like drama, action, and comedy. I'm a very big fan of the Marvel movies.
Jordan G said Mar 16, 2016 18:10:55
I love zombie movies and shows, but I am not a big fan of horror films. I guess I prefer more suspense than actual horror. I grew up watching A Nightmare on Elm Street and the Friday the 13th movies. In fact, the original movie was filmed in my county. You can still visit the diner in the opening of the movie, but the camp is off limits and the property owners will chase you with guns drawn if you trespass.
RayOliver said Apr 20, 2016 09:44:12
I am not a very big fan of horror movies. I enjoyed them a bit more when I was younger but now I even get bored sometimes watching horror movies. My favorite genres are action/thriller and comedy.
Odie Brown said Apr 27, 2016 12:10:02
I do not like horror movies. The one that turned me against them was The Exorcist. I had nightmares after that one. Suspense also takes it toll on me like Aliens. Nightmares again. I must be a "wuss" but I just can't do it.
Zach Trevor said Jun 19, 2016 13:26:56
I enjoy the horror genre; the suspense and excitement build-up is like no other. My favorite horror movies are Dead Silence, the Silent Hill installations and It, from when I was little.
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