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DXpedition Update: Juan de Nova 2016 DXpedition

posted Mar 15, 2016 04:38:27 by Zeke.Carr
Update: Juan de Nova 2016 DXpedition

Juan de Nova 2016 DXpedition

In a few days, the first 2 operators (F2DX & F6BEE) will head to Mayotte island.

They plan to be active between March 18th to 24th from 40 to 6m, signing FH/F2DX and FH/F6BEE. Reports are welcome to give us an idea of the propagation, which will be similar on Juan de Nova.

The 8 other operators will join them later. We are filling the suitcases
with all the sensitive equipment that has not been shipped on the crates. Each piece is carefully checked.

On the other hand, we are working on the last details. We just released
a webpage dedicated to 6m operation which gives all details for TEP and
EME contacts tentatives (Earth-Moon-Earth).

Our pilots received a bunch of reports regarding 12 & 17m RTTY frequencies. Because it was not our first aim to activate these slots, we
have decide not to work RTTY on these bands and keep the focus on 30/20/15m to maximize the number of unique callsigns worked.
The band plan has been updated.

We have just uploaded a short video called 'we are ready' with a message to the international amateur radio community.

We are preparing a communication about the QSL and logs.
These informations will be published on the website before our departure.

Get ready ! FT4JA – Juan de Nova 2016 Expedition
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Zeke.Carr said Mar 15, 2016 04:51:57
Also check back here often for updates and announcements about DXpeditions and other DX info:
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Jordan G said Mar 15, 2016 06:07:26
This sounds very cool! I definitely would love to learn more about the Juan de Nova 2016 Expedition and follow along with you. I will have to surf on over to the link you provided, to learn more about it! Thanks for the update!
Isaac said Mar 21, 2016 18:47:01

Juan De Nova DXpedition news

Operators Pat F2DX and Jacques F6BEE are now active as FH/F2DX and FH/F6BEE, respectively from Mayotte Island (AF-027) until March 24th.

They will be joined by the FT4JA Juan De Nova DXpedition team later this week. FT4JA DXpedition is expected to take place between March 29th and April 11th.

The FT4JA team announced on their Web page March 16th, the PET and a 6m EME page has just been updated and gives all the details of their operation. They show the days and hours of their attempts EME (contacts via the moon). The URL is:

To stay current with the FT4JA news, watch:

Isaac said Mar 29, 2016 21:19:58

Juan De Nova DXpedition news

Press Release from their Web page: (dated March 28th)
FT4JA soon on the air -
After 2 days at sea on board the Antsiva and almost 2,000 contacts in the log/mm, we are now at anchor off Juan de Nova. As stated on our permits, we can not land tomorrow at dawn.

The whole team is looking forward to dismount and begin the assembly camp. Unloading plan is defined. We will install in parallel the camp radio, generators, antennas, and the life of the camp, which is a sub- stantial amount of work.

Depending on conditions, and if we do not encounter difficulties, we should be on the air late tomorrow

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