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Remembering passwords

posted Mar 15, 2016 13:32:02 by RayOliver
Do you guys use the same password for all websites that you register to? I personally feel like it is not very secure to do this, but at the same time different passwords can be hard to remember, especially if there are many accounts. Currently I have about three passwords that I use on all my accounts, what about you?
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AnthonyMason said Mar 15, 2016 23:38:09
I used to have the same password for almost everything, but I don't do that anymore. Now I keep all my passwords in a text file that I save on my computer.
Dandelion said Mar 16, 2016 16:20:18
I don't vary my passwords as much as I should. So far I haven't had a problem, but I know I'm setting myself up for a potential issue.
Mike Standin said Mar 17, 2016 00:06:41
I have one that I use for sites that aren't that important for my personal and business life. My play sites, and I have too many to keep switching up passwords......there is no way I would be able to keep track of them all, and I never did get the hang of Lastpass (A password saving site..........that you need a password to get into).
Sarah W said Mar 17, 2016 14:39:17
I tried using one of those password vault programs, but it became so annoying that I disabled it. Now I just use an old fashioned Rolodex and keep my passwords handwritten and stored in there. That is really the only thing that works because I try to keep complex passwords for everything and also to make them different to each account.
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