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DXpedition update: Heard Island DXpedition news

posted Mar 16, 2016 19:39:20 by Zeke.Carr
Heard Island DXpedition news

The VK0EK team are now on their way to Heard Island.
The team left Cape Town on March 10th onboard the famous 'Braveheart' which was recently used by the VP8STI/VP8SGI team earlier this year. The voyage to Heard Island will be about 10 days.

The operators are currently active as ZL/ZS9HI/MM from Braveheart. Activity has been mainly on CW on 30/15/10 meters. Several press releases were sent out and posted on their Web page over past week detailing the VK0EK team's preparations for Heard Island. This includes many pictures being posted.

All press releases can be views at:
The dates and titles of the press releases are as follows:

March 5th: Cape Town Preparations: Meet the Braveheart!
March 6th: Preparing the HDT Airbeam Tents
March 7th: How to Get in the VK0EK Log (Pt. 7) - How to Handle DQRM
March 7th: How Clean is Clean?
March 8th: VK0EK Passes Inspection!
March 9th: DASH! Gets Ready for the VK0EK Adventure!
March 9th: VK0EK and Some Very Cool Science!
March 9th: Loading the Braveheart
March 10th: Getting Ready to Leave
March 10th: The Braveheart is Leaving Cape Town Right Now!
March 10th: Huge Thanks to Paul, ZS1S and All ZS Hams!
March 10th: ZL/ZS9HI/MM on the Air
March 11th: Geography and Weather on the Way to Heard Island
March 11th: Band Plan and Other Odds and Ends
March 12th: DO4DXA Posts Audio of VK0EK 15M CW
March 12th: “Gentle Swells as We Track 2 Days Out of Cape Town” . . .
March 13th: ZS6BMN Reports WSPR from ZS9HI!

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