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DXpedition report: Kanton Island

posted Mar 21, 2016 17:07:26 by Isaac
The Perseverance DX Group is pleased to announce their intention to activate Central Kiribati (Kanton Island) T31, currently on Clublog's number 22 most wanted. Initial planning has begun for a DXpedition later in 2017.

Subject to licensing and landing formalities, it is expected a team of up to 11 operators will be on the island for up to 12 days. Initial discussions with a boat owner/skipper are scheduled to begin soon.

Team members committed, or considering their participation, include:
Pista/HA5AO, Les/W2LK, Mike/WA6O, Steve/W1SRD, Arnie/N6HC, Glenn/KE4KY and Gene/K5GS. Additional team members will be added throughout the planning phase. Our website is under construction. Watch the usual DX sources for information. We will announce additional details as they develop.

Please direct questions to Gene K5GS or Pista HA5AO at their

Team Kanton Island 2017

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