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Pollen Count

posted Apr 07, 2016 11:05:39 by Odie Brown
Do you keep up with the pollen count in your area? This year seems to be worse for allergies than others. Antihistamines are my best friend right now just so I can function. I love the spring but will really be glad when things stop blooming.
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wild_sarah82 said Apr 07, 2016 16:46:25
Thankfully I have not been bothered yet this year with pollen, which is odd because, despite the cold weather this week, everything is blooming! I am into natural supplements, and since taking different herbs and flowers and leaves, my allergies have diminished greatly. If you can, try to buy local honey. That should help you.
Jenny Vance said Apr 08, 2016 11:48:48
I've heard that about the honey too. Seems if you eat a teaspoon a day it will get your body accustomed to whatever is blooming in your area. Makes sense. My issue is with the ragweed in the fall. I become a recluse until the first frost.
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