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posted Apr 07, 2016 16:37:43 by wild_sarah82
Do we have any preppers here? Anyone into survivalist training, or preparing for a natural or man-made disaster? Having survived Hurricane Sandy, I saw first hand the need to be prepared for any type of disruption of life as we know it. We were without power for 5 days, and we were also under gas rations. I became interested in "prepping" from that moment on.
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Odie Brown said Apr 16, 2016 13:53:34
I like to think myself a prepper. At any rate, I know the importance of being prepared for power outages and the like. I also have lived through a few hurricanes that left us without power for over a week. We lost everything in the freezer and cooked on the gas grill. It's really something to think about.
LettingGo said Apr 17, 2016 10:02:30
I at one time was very interested in these things but then I realized the basic are all that's important. A good storage of clean water and dried food is all I keep consistently on hand. This is because every disaster is a little different and it is much better to try to find what you need than have it all stocked away where it might not even be accessible.
RayOliver said Apr 25, 2016 09:31:46
I am not too much of a prepper myself but I find survivalist training very interesting and increasingly relevant judging by the number of disasters that have been happening lately.
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