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Do you breathe or does it breathe you?

posted Apr 10, 2016 20:09:12 by LettingGo
What are we really doing in this life? A kind of question like that is not answerable in language or thought. Think of life as an ocean and you want to catch hold of it and understand it. Using words to describe such a thing is like trying to drink it with a fork. Words are great tools for laying out a plan of some sort, but they have no power over understanding. All I'm saying is there is nothing to wory about ever.
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Tillman said Apr 10, 2016 22:48:43
"You have discovered a dark secret. How wise you must be (at least as a mortal is wise). I do not exist. There are times when I appear for only a moment and then I am gone. In the late evenings when shadows are long and you sense a slight breeze or movement my presence is felt as I choose to show my form. You are allowed to catch my movement with the evening wind as I travel."
I remember when I was much younger my Mom would remind me of the fact that the world did not revolve around me but rather that I was a part of everything that exists or has existed. I will put my fork away now! That is why writing is not a hobby!!! Instead, it is an impossible task.
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LettingGo said Apr 12, 2016 03:22:51
Beautiful Tillman. The art of poetry. To say what can't be said. This age has suffered many spiritual casualties but I can feel that it has gained a more synchronized presence the longer we go on. It makes sense that if the cells in our body came together in unison as individuals part of the whole, so will all sentient beings, just like galaxies.
AllMine said Jul 21, 2016 09:48:45
The poem is beautiful, but it confuses me! I have this kind of moment recently when I saw a family member passed away. We take everything for granted without realizing that the end could come any time without notice. I learn to be more grateful of everything I have at the moment, and live to the fullest.
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