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Health check-up

posted Apr 11, 2016 14:30:53 by RedSeol
How many of you do routine health check-up? It is common for employees of big companies here, where the companies pay for the fees directly. With our health insurance system, people must pay for general check-ups when there are no real complaints. That is too bad because I've heard doctors can treat some diseases better if they can detect it fast.
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wild_sarah82 said Apr 11, 2016 18:47:52
Are you based in the US? Here it really depends on the insurance you have. With my health insurance, I pay a $20 co-pay to see my doctor, and wellness visits (yearly check-ups) are free. And you are absolutely right that most diseases are treated best with early detection. Unfortunately, even people with health insurance often don't go to the doctor in time.
Isaac said Apr 11, 2016 19:11:54
I am convinced it is best to practice preventative medicine. Here we get regular detailed blood work and other tests. There are different ideas, but, in my opinion it is better to prevent illness than to suffer a setback when bad things happen. A stitch in time.....
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LettingGo said Apr 12, 2016 03:16:21
I think a little differently than this society about health in general. People really believe that science has pinned down a lot of issues with the body but there are more diseases than ever and most ways of treating it are not scientific. I'd say 50% of the time they stumble upon a beneficial drug by accident. Health is being happy. A healthy mind is a healthy body. Believe in yourself and don't doubt your gut feelings and you will know when to go to the doctor.
Dandelion said Apr 12, 2016 15:29:56
I go for my annual "girlie" checkup, but that's about it. I really feel like we are an over-medicated society, so I try to avoid the doctor most of the time. I do believe early detection is vitally important when it comes to disease and if I had what I thought were serious symptoms, I would go then.
RedSeol said Apr 13, 2016 13:49:11
wild_sarah82, I'm not from US. Here insurance follows the final diagnosis. When you are healthy, there is no diagnosis necessary. Without diagnosis, you can't claim the insurance. I suppose that is one point the system needs to work on in the future. It seems like we will depend on drugs more but doctors can send us home without drugs if we don't need them.
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