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posted Apr 12, 2016 15:32:16 by Dandelion
Do we have any homeschooling parents here? My daughter is six and in first grade and we've been homeschooling from the beginning. She enjoys it and I really like the flexibility we have with our schedule. It's a lot of work, but I really don't think I could be tied down to a traditional school schedule.
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MikeyMandel said Apr 12, 2016 23:27:02
I wish that we could homeschool. My wife would be good at it if she had this little thing called patience. Unfortunately, she does not have a lot of that and I think it would end up being a frustrating thing for my kids and for her. Good for you that you can!
Dandelion said Apr 13, 2016 18:20:04
Mikey, patience is definitely required, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't always have as much of it as I should! Sometimes I have to get up and leave the classroom and count to ten. It's also challenging because I feel like I never have five minutes to myself. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but there are pros and cons in every situation.
LettingGo said Apr 14, 2016 13:08:13
My kids are still very young but me and my wife plan to home school them. This could change depending on what they want but I would much rather be in the loop on what my kids are trying to learn. I have always loved teaching and I think I will know better what my kids can excel in but I also wouldn't mind another perspective for them. They should have hybrid programs.
AnthonyMason said Apr 14, 2016 17:20:11
I don't have children, but I also think homeschooling is a good idea. However, what worries me sometimes is that the children won't get to interact with other kids as they would if they were at school.

What do you think?
Tillman said Apr 14, 2016 18:47:52
I agree with Anthony that young children should interact with others as soon as possible.
I would take it yet another step and suggest, if possible, youngsters will benefit more in a pre-school environment away from the home setting. I have lived to see several generations where both the child and parent(s) suffer the initial shock when the "apron string" is severed. Every thing will be fine.
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Dandelion said Apr 15, 2016 18:03:44
My daughter has structured activities outside of the house almost everyday and she participates in a homeschool group that meets regularly. She also goes for lots of play dates and sleepovers. I really feel like the idea that homeschooled kids don't get interaction is a misnomer.
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