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Sisters called to the White House

posted Apr 12, 2016 06:45:56 by Isaac
Geek Wire reports the Seattle sisters who sent a balloon to the edge of space are heading to the White House

In September 2015, Rebecca, 10, and Kimberly, 8, went out to Moses Lake with their parents to launch a spacecraft they designed and built.

"We built a spacecraft that was attached to a weather balloon and parachute," Rebecca explains. "We launched it in Central Washington. We took it to the edge of space, 78,000 feet up. It's called the Loki Lego Launcher 1, or L-Cubed-1, because Loki was our cat. Lego because every time we launch we want to send up a different Lego mini figure."

Both girls say they took on the project because they love science, in part because of a really great science teacher they have at Seattle Country Day School. But their father, Winston Yeung KI7CSK, was another motivating force.

Their ingenuity caught the attention of the Obama administration and the girls were invited to participate in the president’s last White House Science Fair on Wednesday, April 13.

“Kimberly and Rebecca hope to show other children that science and engineering is not only interesting and accessible for kids, but a lot of fun as well,” Amanda Stone, White House Senior Program Manager in the office of Digital Strategy, says in a blog post.

The sisters hoped to launch the APRS equipped spacecraft again during their spring break, but the voyage has been postponed until after their trip to D.C.

Read the Geek Wire story at

Read Rebecca and Kimberly's blog at

KIRO interview
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Odie Brown said Apr 13, 2016 11:28:56
This is great. What a fun reward for a job well done by these two girls. They will always remember this visit. This also says a lot about their teacher. He/she inspired these girls to be creative and not be afraid to try. It also says a lot about their father from whom they evidently got a lot of support.
w8eeo said Aug 06, 2016 02:20:28

Sisters launch 2nd craft to near-space

Seattle sisters aged 11 & 9 launched their second craft, carrying an amateur radio APRS transmitter KI7CSK-11, into near-space

Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung first launched their homemade balloon “spacecraft” last September. The feat got them invited to the annual White House Science Fair.

Last weekend they conducted their second launch, this time near the town of George.

Their balloon reached a new height - more than 100,000 feet into the sky. The young scientists say they measured temperature changes as the craft entered different parts of the atmosphere and tracked the sun's UV waves.

The craft carried a LEGO "R2D2" action figure from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” along with a picture of Loki, the sisters' cat.

Read the full story at

KI7CSK-11 APRS track!mt=roadmap&z=15&call=a%2FKI7CSK-11&timerange=3600&tail=3600
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