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Have you ever tried cosplaying?

posted Apr 13, 2016 14:14:05 by RedSeol
Costume plays (usually shortened to cosplays) actually has a big scope, but people mostly use the term when talking about Japanese anime or manga characters. It refers to dressing up to look identical to specific character from a fictional story. This is highly popular in Japan. It is in my bucket list to do in this life because this looks like too awesome to miss!
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AnthonyMason said Apr 14, 2016 17:22:23
I did it once on a Halloween party night. I know it wasn't a cosplay event or party, but it was so much fun. I dressed as Corvo, the main character from one of my favorite video games; Dishonored.

I would definitely do it again if I had the chance :)
wild_sarah82 said Apr 14, 2016 22:33:40
I have never done this, but I have seen several YouTubers do it and the intricateness of their costumes is really quite impressive. It does look like a bunch of fun. Who doesn't like to dress up and pretend once in awhile?
RedSeol said Apr 18, 2016 11:04:39
I envy you, AnthonyMason. Setting up the costume is the hardest part for me. I don't have any skills to create a dress from scratch. It will be too expensive and time-consuming to search and buy all the components. We also don't have many events where we can wear such costumes and people often view cosplayers as crazy in general.
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