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Would You Prefer Reading The Book Or Watching The Movie?

posted Apr 14, 2016 17:25:22 by AnthonyMason
Would you rather read the book or watch the movie? For me, it depends; sometimes the movie is much more fun to watch than to read the book. But in general, I have found that books are much more detailed and satisfying.

What about you?
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Dandelion said Apr 14, 2016 17:56:31
I always read the book first, but if there is a movie, I usually end up watching it even if it got bad reviews. As a general rule of thumb, the books are better than the movies.
wild_sarah82 said Apr 14, 2016 22:31:10
That is a tough one! Typically I love to read the book because I love to let my own imagination create characters and scenes without a director's influence. It is always amazing to me how differently I picture things from a book, and what they turn out to be on the screen.
LettingGo said Apr 16, 2016 12:12:44
It really depends on the time and my environment. I think they are both fun! If its a normal day sitting at home I like to watch thew movie but whenever I go out, I enjoy reading the book. You find so many more details in the book but you don't get to see it come to life so there are positives to both of them.
RayOliver said Apr 17, 2016 19:15:17
I would much rather watch the movie instead of the book. I know that books are more vivid but I am just not much of a reader, although I enjoy reading books occasionally.
Isaac said Apr 18, 2016 02:57:16
I would prefer reading the book first. To me even though I enjoy a movie after I read the book,I like to read the book first. It seems that the plots and book arrangements has the power to make me see the story as the author must have intended.
The movie director has a different agenda and can make changes that are effective but not the same as the mind of the author.
MikeyMandel said May 15, 2016 01:35:22
I am not a big book reader, at least not fiction books. When I do read a book, I enjoy biographies more than anything else. I am definitely a "watch the movie" kind of guy!
JamesG2252 said May 15, 2016 01:44:30
I think this is a tough one to answer because I enjoy both so much. I love to read a good book, just as much as I love watching a good movie. If a movie is well done, and based off a great book, all the better.
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