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Favorite Beverage

posted Apr 18, 2016 20:28:36 by JamesG2252
I am a HUGE iced tea fan. I drink it all the time. I would go so far as to say that it is my favorite beverage. What is your favorite thing to drink? When you are really thirsty, what does the best job at satisfying your thirst?
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AnthonyMason said Apr 19, 2016 08:02:37
For me, it has to be vanilla latte in the winter and caramel iced coffee in the summer. I absolutely love these 2 drinks and I can't start my day without them.
RedSeol said Apr 20, 2016 13:17:51
Vanilla latte sounds delicious! I have tried it few times and I have always loved it. If the question is what satisfies me most when I am thirsty, the answer will be water. But after that, I'll go search for cold tea. I like tea in general, but green tea (matcha) latte is my favorite. It's hard to resist buying those if I spot one in the menu. I usually like it cold, but at cold days the hot latte brings me to heaven.
Odie Brown said Apr 22, 2016 11:48:19
I was thinking along the lines of a nice glass of chardonnay. However, I do indulge in a caramel macchiato every now and then at Barnes and Nobel. They have too many calories to drink very often.
KnightShade said Jul 25, 2016 09:41:59
Iced tea is truly amazing. I like it even more if it's infused with lemon or other fruit flavors. Milk-related beverages are too heavy to satisfy our thirst; they help as quick sugar source, but it's not really refreshing.
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