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Low carb

posted Apr 18, 2016 17:06:17 by Dandelion
Does anyone here follow a low carb diet? I've been doing it off and on for a while, but I think I'm finally just going to eliminate all carbs outside of the ones found in fruits and vegetables. I just feel better when I don't eat carbs and it certainly makes weight control easier.
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Isaac said Apr 18, 2016 17:27:14
Good idea for anyone and most of the allowed ingredients taste pretty good.
It is possible to restrict yourself to low carb but family members especially kids might want to opt out. It is strange but just a day or two ago I was looking for some ideas and found some useful tips at
JamesG2252 said Apr 18, 2016 20:31:55
I have always been a fan of low carb/healthy carb diets, and I do feel that they are most healthy for you. I don't agree we should eliminate all carbs, there are some carbs that your body needs to operate at optimal health, but I think the simple carbs are the worst things for you and are tied to so many health issues.
AnthonyMason said Apr 19, 2016 07:57:50
I absolutely agree with you. Eliminating bad carbs are not only a healthy option, but can also help you lose weight if that's what you're looking for. I always feel so much lighter when I eat vegetables and protein.
RayOliver said Apr 29, 2016 23:20:08
I normally include carbs in my diet because I do a lot of physical activities throughout the day but I also try to moderate it. Typically, my main focus is to balance my diet well everyday.
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