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Weird emails

posted Apr 18, 2016 12:32:02 by RayOliver
Lately I've been receiving spam emails from my own email address on gmail. I report it as spam every time but I keep receiving them after every few weeks, with the latest one claiming I won a Walmart gift-card. I even thought of the possibility of my email being compromised. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Dandelion said Apr 18, 2016 17:03:51
I use Yahoo for my main email and I do get spammed by myself once in a while. It doesn't happen very often and I really don't understand how it can happen at all. I haven't flagged them as spam because I've been afraid that it would flag everything that goes out from my email.
JamesG2252 said Apr 18, 2016 20:34:32
That to me sounds like an issue. Are you sure it is exactly the same and not slightly different, such as having a different country exchange? Hackers these days are so computer savvy it is truly frightening. I believe your email should have a really hard password to keep it secure.
AnthonyMason said Apr 19, 2016 07:56:30
It's funny how some hackers can go as far as send you spam to your own email address. If you can, try to activate phone authentication when you log in. That helped me a lot. Also, change your password to something hard to guess.
Jenny Vance said Apr 25, 2016 10:45:55
I have always been able to change my password to solve the issue of spamming. It's cleaning up the mess that's hard. I generally send a blanket email to all my contacts telling them what's happened so they won't think it was me.
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