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Scariest Encounter

posted Apr 20, 2016 17:48:08 by MikeyMandel
What is the scariest encounter you have ever had with a person or an animal or a thing?

I had a situation where I saw something I have never been able to explain. Several years ago I was staying at an Inn in Vermont. One morning I encountered a man on the main stairs dressed in clothing that was not modern day clothing. The man nodded at me as I said good morning, but didn't speak. He just kept going up the stairs. I found out from the owner later on at breakfast that we were the only guests in residence and there was no one matching that description working at the Inn. The owner said that he ha the same experience on several occasions, as had other guests. It gives me chills to think about even now, several years later.
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LettingGo said Apr 20, 2016 18:52:54
Everything is possible in an infinite universe. More than possible, everything actually will happen. We are scared of what is not real, being real. I can imagine there are thousands of things like this that happen everyday. I have never actually had any kind of paranormal experience other than the realization that I am not a seperate ego locked up in a bag of skin. That my skin does not seperate me from the rest of everything, but it is a bridge into the physical world. YOU were that ghost!
AnthonyMason said Apr 21, 2016 10:55:51
The scariest thing that's ever happened to me was when I was scuba diving a few years ago. I was following a school of barracudas trying to take photos while my divemaster (guide) was asking me to stay away from them. As I tried to move away from the barracudas, I found a shark under me. It was so close I thought it would attack me, but it didn't :D
wild_sarah82 said Apr 23, 2016 03:48:58
Anthony, I would have died!

The scariest thing that ever happened to me was a few months ago, I was walking on an abandoned railroad bed near my house. The area is now part of a wildlife refuge, hooks up for a brief couple of yards with the Appalachian Trail, and is part of a walking system called Liberty Loop. I had my dog with me. As we were halfway through the trail (about a mile from each entrance)a man stepped out of the woods about 100 yards away from me. He was dressed oddly in khakis and a striped sweater, certainly not hiking attire. He looked like he should be at a country club having a mint julep, not stepping out of the woods. When he saw me, he kind of faded back into the woods and I never saw him again. I was so frightened that I didn't know what to do. I called my husband immediately to come get me. Never again will I walk the trail alone.
vagabond said Apr 24, 2016 04:19:59
I wonder if I should write this. At the time I did not know what was happening and often times now I find myself thinking about the events that day about 75 years ago.
We lived in a very rural area about a half mile or so from the nearest dwelling.
It was a fall day around the first of August and everyone but my mother and I was working in a remote field. I had been very sick for some weeks so I was staying at the house with my mother. Some time in the early afternoon mom suggested I get outside in the shade and get some air. I was 7 years old at the time.
As I remember the chain of events I went a few hundred feet and was resting in a shady grove some distance from the house. At the time I used a crutch under my arm and was able to move slowly. I kept hearing a clanking noise not far from me in a hollow like low spot. When I got there I saw a very scary sight.
In the lowest level of the dip in the earth I saw a shiny object and some beings were busy working with some kind of tools which was the noise I heard. I was about a hundred feet from the activity and they didn't seem to know I was there. I was in the shade of a small tree there.
One of the beings saw me eventually and waved then went back to work.The creatures wore a strange bright shiny suit and they both had head gear which appeared to be solid and a part of their clothing. After just a short time they both faced me and one motioned me to come where they were. Strangely I was not afraid so I got to my feet, picked up my crutch, and started toward them.
I don't know what happened but the next thing I remember was my mom calling for me
and I remember I was in another area on the other side of the house from the first shade tree and I was all alone. I was not afraid and felt better than I had for several weeks. so I began running toward her. When I got to her she said she had been looking and calling for two hours and she was very upset.
My sickness had began when I had a bad stone bruise in the spring with blood poison and the country doctors had talked about needing to find a surgeon who could cut at least a portion of my foot away but now I was able to run and there was no pain.
My mom sent word to the Doctor to come and check me because I was eating every thing available and I was a different person. He was a horse and buggy doctor. When he stopped by he was amazed that I had recovered so quickly. When he wanted to see my foot he wanted to know who did the operation. He did say it looked like someone had worked on my foot and went on about the quality of work. My mother told Dr.Woodyard no one had treated me but him. He wanted to talk to me alone and asked several questions. His statement was what had happened was impossible. Further, if my "memory" got better he would like to talk with me more. Over the years at times I can almost remember what happened during the 2 hours or so but my mind seems to be locked to that short period of time. Sorry to ramble and thanks for reading.
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Odie Brown said Apr 25, 2016 11:16:37
When I was a kid my dad worked second shift and I slept in a youth bed in my parents bedroom. One night I came wide awake all of a sudden and someone or something was holding my hand. I thought it was my dad checking on me as he was going to bed after work. However, I sat up and saw both mom and dad in bed asleep. I was really scared. The hand finally went away and I called to mom that there was something in my bed. She was not happy being awakened in the middle of the night and kind of blew it off. I still remember this like it was yesterday. You may say it was a dream or my imagination but I know it was not.
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