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Types of tea

posted Apr 21, 2016 11:04:28 by RedSeol
Talking about tea a while back makes me want to talk more about tea. Undoubtedly it is my favorite drink in the world. Hot or cold, for matching occasions, they taste like heaven. There are so many variants of tea. One of my life missions is to taste as many as possible. As of now, I love jasmine tea and earl grey tea best. I rarely find mixed tea flavor that I really like, so earl grey is pretty special to me. Which kind of tea do you like best?
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Jenny Vance said Apr 21, 2016 11:55:08
Chai tea is my favorite right now. I find it's taste heavenly and it soothes the tummy as well as the olfactory senses. I try to have at least one cup a day and consider it my treat for the day.
AnthonyMason said Apr 23, 2016 09:15:44
I am not a big fan of tea, but there was one type of iced tea I tasted when I visited Malaysia a few years ago. They put a local kind of lime in it and it tastes amazing. I forgot the name of that lime though.
RedSeol said Apr 24, 2016 02:58:40
I have tried Chai tea before, but I didn't really like it. I can't exactly say what about it I dislike. Probably the smell is too strong for my taste, though. The packaged Chai tea that I know here is not very tasty as well, so I'm still searching for a Chai tea style that I like. AnthonyMason, I'm so curious about that flavor. I'm a fan of lemon tea so I definitely need to try it someday.
w8eeo said May 05, 2016 11:07:25
I like black tea without sugar or other flavors. Although tea might not be good for the very young or others with certain health problems, tea is a useful stable food. Since I am a senior citizen I feel it is useful for me to enjoy a cup often.
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MikeyMandel said May 06, 2016 00:36:49
I actually drink a lot of tea right now, thanks to my wife. My favorite is Darjeeling and Oolong, but I will pretty much drink any kind. Yogi Stress Relief Tea is great if you are stressed and cannot sleep.
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