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Favorite pets

posted Apr 23, 2016 19:09:43 by RayOliver
What is your most preferred animal to keep as a pet? I'm not necessarily a pet lover but I do own some fish in an aquarium. Fish and birds are my favorite pets because they are beautiful and don't require much attention.
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Odie Brown said Apr 24, 2016 11:38:02
I'm a cat person myself. Cats are very independent and I live to serve them. HaHa! They each have their own personality and a warm cat in my lap is nice in the winter. I have two rescue kitties right now and wouldn't trade them for the world.
LettingGo said Apr 25, 2016 04:52:59
I love all animals for their natural behavior and personality. They react spontaneously to things unlike humans. My favorite pet I've ever had was a hedgehog and she was the cutest thing ever. If I could have any pet though it would be a dragon like toothless!
MikeyMandel said May 15, 2016 01:31:17
I have a dog and two cats, so I am both a dog and a cat person. When I was a kid I had a chinchilla that I loved, and I also had a rabbit. I love animals, and I have never not had a pet in my life.
KnightShade said Jul 04, 2016 09:44:25
I prefer dogs over cats, even though I almost had an accident with a dog when I was little. The reason is a bit hard to describe, but I think it's largely because I'm annoyed by so many stray cats in life that I can't stand having more cats in whatever form.
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