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Are multi-vitamins useful?... or even safe?

posted Apr 26, 2016 04:33:59 by Tillman
When my grandson asked me how they were able to get all the claimed ingredients in one pill it prompted me to do some research.
It seems to me that probably the little pill does not contain what the table of contents list claim. But further study has convinced me that in many cases they could be useless or even worse a hazard to some of the population. Some of the elements such as copper, selenium, zinc and others will actually store and increase the amount in your body over a period of time and be deadly. When should we start taking any "supplement"?
What do you think?
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vagabond said Apr 26, 2016 04:50:35
There are different opinions out there and of course the folks who make and sell the stuff will be pleased if you buy and use vitamins.
Check it out on google at:
MikeyMandel said Apr 26, 2016 14:43:48
You get what you pay for in regards to vitamins and supplements. Do I think all supplements and herbs do what is claimed? No, you will always have snake oil salesmen out there touting cures and making claims they shouldn't. With that being said, the quality of our soil is not what it was 75 years ago. A peach today does not contain the same nutritional value that it did 75 years ago. Even the FDA recommends supplementing with a quality vitamin because we can't get what we need from food alone.
vagabond said Apr 26, 2016 18:13:56
Yes I agree farming land is not as rich as it once was especially if you are unable to rotate crops from year to year. Personally, I prefer to resort to blood studies and if there is a need for a single element make a correction to my med list. I am fearful that the "shotgun" agenda with supplements could cause an unexpected result. The greatest concern is probably gradual accumulation of an unwanted element. I prefer regular blood work and then make corrections if needed.
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LettingGo said Apr 27, 2016 05:52:56
Well unlike many I don't think you can buy health. If you feel good mentally and emotionally that is the best health you can have and does wonders for your body and pains. They have all kinds of technology into vitamins now that claim to bond just like when you eat but it really comes down to whether you believe it or not.
Odie Brown said Apr 27, 2016 12:06:12
I agree MikeyMandel. You get what you pay for. Nutrilite is a reputable company that really does their homework when it comes to making supplements and vitamins. They are a little more expensive than most but I feel like I'm worth it. They are all natural and they work for me.
AnthonyMason said Apr 29, 2016 10:15:13
I don't actually remember ever taking any vitamin pills in my life. I always try to get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from food. I think it's more effective that way anyway.
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