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Forest Fires

posted Apr 26, 2016 14:39:26 by MikeyMandel
The Northeast US has been exceptionally dry for this time of year, and this weekend parts of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey saw forest fires break out. Pennsylvania was the hardest hit with several thousand acres burned. It is really disheartening to know that the fires were intentionally set by people. I do not think these people intended to cause a forest fire, but I think people did ignore fire warnings put out by NOAA, and fire restrictions set by the state parks and started campfires. Very sad.
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Jenny Vance said Apr 27, 2016 11:18:32
Don't omit NC here. We currently have 15,000 acres on fire near the coast. No rain in site. We have had visibility warnings due to the smoke and it's hard to breathe in some places. I'm not sure how it started but I do wish it were under control.
JamesG2252 said May 10, 2016 00:34:54
Have you seen coverage of the fires up in Alberta, Canada that are going right now? Truly frightening to see the footage of the people literally escaping for their lives as the fires burn along roadsides. It is a crazy and chaotic scene.
MikeyMandel said May 10, 2016 21:30:52
I had posted this BEFORE the terrible fires in Alberta, which are just devastating! The footage is quite unreal. I cannot imagine what those people are going through or how frightened they must be. Has anyone heard if they have gotten them under control?
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