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Kids and TV time

posted Apr 30, 2016 15:24:11 by Dandelion
How do you handle TV time when it comes to your kids? Do they have a set time of day/amount of time they are allowed to watch? My six-year-old is pretty good about policing herself and not watching too much TV, but I wonder if that's going to change as she gets older.
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LettingGo said May 01, 2016 05:42:49
My kids are still pretty young. Only 2 and 1. I would rather they didn't get any exposure to television this early on but it already happened and I guess it must be for the best. They will get into it sooner or later. I think the optimal amount would be different for each kid and you have to gauge how much it is affecting them negatively. I think it has a lot to do with anxiety and depressive disorders.
JamesG2252 said May 02, 2016 17:02:56
I think it is so important to limit all electronics time by children. I have read so many articles which link to studies showing that it detrimental to their brain development if they are plugged in for too long.
Zach Trevor said Jun 19, 2016 13:16:40
I think setting a time slot for a program, like a cartoon show in the afternoon, and allowing only that is ideal. The rest of the time should be spent on creative and educational pursuits.
KnightShade said Jul 22, 2016 12:37:42
We probably don't have to worry about TV so much because kids nowadays are more interested in phones or tablets. With all media, I think it's best to set time to teach the kids many other activities. At their young age, they need many physical activities to stimulate their growth.
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