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Favorite Seafood

posted May 07, 2016 10:41:15 by Jenny Vance
What is your favorite seafood? Mine is shrimp and a nice mackerel steak on the Forman grill. Add a little cole slaw and you have the best meal ever. Fried oysters would come in third place followed by all the rest. What's your first pick?
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vagabond said May 09, 2016 15:32:49
Sounds good to me Jenny. I like just about any kind of fish - freshwater or salt.
I guess if I need to list the most desired one it would be tuna. We eat a lot of different tuna salads. About the only ones I don't like is eel, squid etc.
MikeyMandel said May 09, 2016 20:11:25
I love all kinds of seafood, really. I think it is easier to list what I don't like, which is limited to scallops. Even then, I will eat them if they are wrapped in bacon. My absolute favorite is lobster or king crab.
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