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Is constipation normal?

posted May 26, 2016 20:48:14 by Tillman
Man has developed very quickly into the alpha species on the planet.
However, in some small ways the change has been destructive for modern man.
Early man over eons turned into an upright species which is good. However, in the process of change modern man has forgotten how to relieve himself of his body waste.
First some information about present day treatments:
Check out a source of an added feature to your "throne room:
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Ilean said Jun 19, 2016 13:38:03
I think if you usually have no problem with the defecation pattern and suddenly you have constipation, it must be a sign of something wrong with your stomach. I've known people who have this kind of complain, but they have had it for years. There is no other serious problem. In that case, it may be normal for them.
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